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Graphic Designer at DesignRepublic

Give me a project and I will take care of it from A to Z. From concept, to visualizing, resulting in a final design, this is really my cup of tea. When I am not at DesignRepublic I travel the world, listen to music and eat my veggie meals.



Graphic Designer at DesignRepublic

Yes I am the new one on the block! With quite a bit of experience and a healthy food addiction I'll try to enforce the team, so wish me luck! 😉!


Co-founder and financial director of DesignRepublic.


While working as a trader in KBC bank I partnered in the start up of DesignRepublic in 2009. I take care of all financial and admnistrative services, but now and then I pick up my camera for a small photoshoot or I organize a team / customer event.


Next to DesignRepublic I am addicted to my executive MBA I am following at INSEAD; this school provides me with the perfect tools, insights and network to make our future even more bright.



Founder and managing director of DesignRepublic


Driven in everything we do, always going the extra mile, aiming to make our clients successful. After over 10 years of experience in the sector I founded DesignRepublic in 2009. We quickly expanded to a boutique style of design agency with a team of 7 and an international customer portfolio.


The rare moments that I am not at DesignRepublic you bump into me at the gym.


Account Executive at DesignRepublic


Hi, I am Karla Vlaminck and I am the account executive within DesignRepublic.


For the accounts I manage the planning, coordinate the designers, do the follow-up, solve the problems and make sure the projects are delivered in time; so all in all I do about everything in the company ;-) by adding my own touch of efficiency and quality.




Creative Director at DesignRepublic.


As creative director of DesignRepublic I manage my projects and customers with my Italian flavor: a pure basis, well balanced, delicately flavoured and based on my over than 20 year experience in one of the big Belgian agencies.


Of course I need to resource on a regular basis and than I escape to my Sicilian hideaway.



Senior Artworker at DesignRepublic.


As artworker the majority of projects pass through my hands to the customer. So yes, I am always hyper focussed : no time to talk, eat, breath, but that nice car that passes will be noticed :-)



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